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    F.A.Q. about abilities, specs and other useful stuff Empty F.A.Q. about abilities, specs and other useful stuff

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    Some general questions and answers...

    Q: So, I'm done learning about the class...but what's a rotation?

    A: You're not done. If you were done, you would of stopped at the first FAQ. A rotation is a set of fairly well placed rune usage to make a combination happen.

    Here, I'll give you a very basic Frost Rotation now:

    Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Blood Strike -> Blood Strike -> Obliterate

    With this, all six of your runes will be used up in a cycle and you must wait until your runes return from their cooldown to reuse the cycle. This could give you a powerful cycle of threat output right away

    Some of the more potent rotations require you to have to wait for cooldowns to return to execute properly. Here's a more complex rotation that requires you to wait a bit before being able to pull off a full execution as Unholy:

    Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Scourge Strike -> Blood Boil/Pestilence -> Blood Boil -> Scourge Strike -> Scourge Strike -> Scourge Strike

    The first rotation: - Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Scourge Strike -> Blood Boil/Pestilence -> Blood Boil -> - allows you create two death runes, which will allow the Death Knight to hit three times with Scurge Strike at the end, being the full rotation.

    Q: What's a death rune exactly.

    A: That's a rune that can be used with either a frost, unholy or blood attack. It's got a lower priority value than your regular runes so if you use a frost attack and you have a frost and death rune active, it will use the frost rune instead.

    Q: So which presence should I be in when doing DPS/Tanking/Pvp?

    A: Honestly? Some people say they have 'specific' goals but only one really comes to me as needed for a specific goal: Frost for tanking. Blood and Unholy, in my opinion, can be useful for both PvE and PvP purposes: Blood allows you to be more survivable with it's healing and Unholy's presence for the speed increase allows you to grind faster/get to mobs/people faster. Use them when needed really.

    Q: Wait a second..can't we use maces?

    A: You can..you just gotta go train them. Horde train maces in Thunder Bluff. Alliance, you're heading to Stormwind.

    Q: Cool, I have a pet! Can I make him do some insanely cool attacks?

    A: You can make him explode! Send your pet in and cause some AoE corpse explosion gore! (Caution, can only be used as Unholy. Look up the tree and look up Master of Ghouls and Corpse Explosion, D'uh.)

    Q: So why does my Gargoyle do nothing? Kinda sucky of a pet, no?

    A: Because you're probably thinking of the wrong way of using your pet. Really, it's a DoT pet which shows it's use much more prominantly during raids where you're on bosses that have a wee bit more health than the ones you're grinding.

    Q: I think I'm ready. Anything else you should let me know?

    A: Not really. The best advice I could give you is to go out and learn either on the dummies that are in town to get the rotations down, or go out there and tank/dps instances or while leveling. You're 15 levels behind, so that's 15 levels extra learning you can do to learn your stuff. Have at it!

    General Information

    So, we've gone through some questions and now let's start looking at some trees, right?


    Doesn't this tree look eerily like the Ret's tree for paladins? Well it's pretty much the same deal. The Blood tree focuses mainly on weapon damage and dealing a lot of physical damage out on mobs. It is also a great grinding spec as it keeps you high health due to it's health regen capabilities. This tree will allow you to grind with simple ease and keep you high in health while doing so, which of course turns into a great way to grind your levels. If you're someone who likes swinging a two hander for a huge amount of damage, this is the tree for you. Typical blood specs will be giving 10% attack power to their group through the AR talent.


    Frost, which has been nicknamed the 'tanking' tree, is far from it. It's more considered the burst tree with high amounts of umph to your attacks. It's more of a middle line between Blood and Unholy, where Blood is simply a lot of physical damage and Unholy is more about DoTs and magic attacks. Frost is also considered the Dual Wield tree with prominent dual wield talents in it. The key here is to set up Frost Fever and then unleashing all hell on the mob, which requires a bit more finesse than the Blood tree. Frost will usually have Imp IT, which will increase the group's haste by 20%. Mmmm, haste.


    So, you wanna AoE stuff to death? Here's the tree for you. Although you see a lot of pet talents, this really isn't a pet class honestly. The pet is there to assist you in dire consenquences and add extra DPS. This tree is predominately the DoT king as you use DoTs against a large group of people to do a lot of damage. With only one heavy hitting attack (Scourge Strike), it's a lot less bursty than the Frost tree, but it makes up in the AoE damage the tree is capable of. This tree's also mostly caster benefit as it puts up 13% magical damage on any mob that gets hit with diseases.

    Important numbers to remember:

    *Special Attacks hit cap: 8%, this doesn't change. This is mostly for your strikes.
    *Two-Hander hit cap against a boss: 8% just like any other two hander.
    *Dual Wielding hit cap agianst a boss: 27%
    *Spell hit cap against a boss: 17%

    Melee hit: 32.79
    Spell hit: 26.23

    So, what does the above number mean? Let me go into a bit of detail here:

    If you hit cap yourself with your melee, at 8%, you will still need around 6.75% more hit or exactly 178 more (spell) hit to be spell capped. This can be achieved with being capped for two handed weapons, have the talent Virulence, and a 3% hit debuff such as either Misery or Imp Fairie Fire to be spell hit capped. if you are Alliance, a Draenei in your party will essencially cap you with all those debuffs. If no Draenei present, you will still need to get 1% more from somewhere. Easy enough, right?

    - All melee and spell attacks have a critical damage bonus of 100%

    - 45.91 crit strike rating equals 1% crit melee or spell.

    - The best suggestion is that you should be stacking hit until you are capped with your two handers, where hit then takes a very big dive in importance. At this point, you can start stacking other things such as Strength, Crit or other fun things. More on this later.

    - The only thing that affects global cooldown for DKs is Unholy Presence. Haste does not, which lowers it's use for us.

    - All abilities are scaled by AP. Spell damage really does nothing for us so stack Strenght/AP.

    Runic Power:

    Runic Power is acquired through usage of your rune abilities.

    1 Rune used will grant you 10 Runic Power
    2 Rune used will grant you 15 Runic Power
    3 Rune used will grant you 15 Runic Power

    Some specs to look at:


    51/18/2 PVE dps build. Good for the 20% haste buff in frost. Allows for using obliterate without clearing diseases off. Not my favorite but some may like it.

    51/13/7 PVE dps build again. Good for the longer duration on diseases as well as top quality deathcoil damage and the ability to get 4x heartstrike rotations.

    48/14/9 PVP/Arena build. Gives you the healing cooldowns in blood as well as nice dps with annihilation and epidemic. You also gain the -12 seconds off AMS cd, lichborne and reduced cooldown on deathgrip.

    53/0/18 PVP/Arena build. Gives you shadow of death and on a pale horse as well as dancing rune weapon. A lot of the early tier stuff is subjective and you may like different skills than what I chose but alot of them change every patch.

    56/5/10 Blood Tanking build. Again, I haven't done too much tanking at 80 but I like this build for tanking as blood. You get reduced cd on DnD, all of the first tier tank talents, and everything else is pretty much self explanatory.


    14/50/7 PVE dps. Gives you longer diseases and buffs your crit/ap/obliterate with the blood talents. Pretty straightforward spec.

    19/51/0 PVP/arena. Not much to say.. I'm not overly happy with this build but it's a decent starter template to get into frost pvp. I'll tweak this one a bit more when I have more time to do arena's as frost.

    10/54/7 Frost Tanking build. Ok so I have a problem doing any kind of pve build without epidemic >.>


    5/11/55 PVP/Arena build. Only gonna do one of these because there are so many variations you could do. Basically you could choose to go for lichborne/black ice or go more blood for imp rune tap.

    21/0/50 PVP/Arena ok one more, basically you go for mark of blood in the blood tree and get imp rune tap for maximum survivability.

    7/10/54 PVE Dps build Not really much to say about it. A few talents are still in flux as to how much dps increase they give and obviously could be moved around.

    5/11/55 Unholy Tanking build. Could probably go a few different ways with this one as well. I chose lichborne to get that fear break and another mitigation cooldown.

    *Credited to Compton from the Beta forums

    End words

    All my information was pretty much based on a thread made by Korrah on the Beta forums who gathered a lot of this information. This thread is dedicated to his/her great work for gathering such information, and I simply reworded a lot of the stuff written to my writing styles.
    Hope this clears some things up for you guys and happy hunting!

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