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    Death Knight F.A.Q. Empty Death Knight F.A.Q.

    Post  Vepar on Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:17 am

    Well first off, you'll wanna choose race or class. I'm an alliance hippy so a lot of this will be based off that knowledge. Whether race or class, they all have their ups and downs dps and tanking wise. Taurens get the extra health whereas humans get the extra expertise, I advise you, if by this point you haven't, to look up the information in which is available to you through the WoW site with all sorts of goodies about your racials. Choose the race you wanna play.

    This F.A.Q. has mostly been copy-pasted, just to warn you in advance.


    Q: Where will you be getting your information?

    A: From various sources from the beta forums, which will then be reinforced with my own playstyle and views once the class is released. This is, once again, a simple compilation of information for people to have access to instead of having to find every single bit of information through a ton of threads in the beta forums.

    Q: I see your credentials and I agree/disagree with your knowledge of your classes. My question is: have you played the beta?

    A: Sadly, no. And it's something I'm blaming Blizzard for (Damn you Blizzard for no key!) Unfortunately, I don't have legit experiences tanking or playing the death knight class. Thus why I stated above that this thread will probably be a work in progress pushing a bunch of new things together and then when Wrath comes out, my own thoughts and opinions.

    Q: So I created a death knight! ...wait, what do these abilities do!?

    A: Simple. There's an huge amount of quests that should level you up to level 58 that teaches you mostly about your skills and talents. Further details will go into this thread about specs and rotations and talent research but go make one and follow the quest lines. And read. You're on an MMO AND on this site, I'm sure that you can sit down and take a few minutes to read what Blizzard wrote on their game!

    Q: Wait, I'm level 55 and I have no talents. WTF!?

    A: Calm down! Blizzard made it so when you're doing your quests, you get talent points. So buckle down and start leveling already!

    Q: Dual Wielding, doable?

    A: Concessus at this time is that it's feasable, but not really a great way to play the Death Knight. Most abilities rely heavily on weapon damage and thus two handers are preferred. This is not to say that it's not viable, it's just not a great way to do it. Do yourself a favor and stick with the two hander.

    Q: But I want to dual wield and look awesome/do great dps/etc etc etc

    A: Hey, this is just a compilation honestly! Play the class if you want to play it as a marauding two weapons psycho of darkness, that's your choice! I'm just saying what I'm reading.

    Q: Where do I put my talent points to DPS/Tank better?

    A: That's the glorious thing about our class: We have no 'preferred' spec to tank! All three trees have great tools to tank with, and allow us to tank perfectly fine depending on what scenario. Blood's a great single target killing machine. Frost is the best middle ground with aoe and single targets. Unholy's an amazing AoE tanking spec. Depending on what your guild will call you to do, spec accordingly and look at your talents. It really doesn't take much to really look and see what would benefit you most in each situation.

    Q: So what's the deal with Hero class? Are we supposed to be OP? UP?

    A: So you rolled a DK to be overpowered? Well..you might be shocked to realize that the title 'hero' never was meant for the class to be above the others. In fact, the title 'hero' is really just a fancy way of showing that you actually accomplished leveling a toon to level 55 and unlocked this class. About all it means really. The balance of the class is pretty much in tune with other classes.

    Q: No way, this class is OP, nerf it!

    A: To each their own but we all have problems. It's an MMO, if people weren't complaining about something of their classes, there would be a problem.

    Q: So what exactly is IT, or BS, or other abbreviations.

    A: Good question! Here are the abbreviated terms in no random order.

    Death Knight Terminology
    AMS - Anti-magic Shell
    AMZ - Anti-magic Zone
    AotD - Army of the Dead
    B - Blood rune (1B = one blood rune, etc.)
    BB - Blood Boil
    BCB - Blood Caked Blade
    BP - Blood Plague
    BS - Blood Strike
    BT - Blood Tap
    CE - Corpse Explosion
    CF - Crypt Fever
    CoI - Chains of Ice
    DnD - Death and Decay
    DC - Death Coil
    DK - Death Knight
    DRM - Death Rune Mastery
    DRW - Dancing Rune Weapon
    EP - Ebon Plague, Ebon Plaguebringer
    ERW - Empower Rune Weapon
    F - Frost rune (1F = one frost rune, etc.)
    FF - Frost Fever
    FS - Frost Strike
    FU - Rune combination that generally results in a strong rune attack.
    GoG - Guile of Gorefiend
    HB - Howling Blast
    HC - Hungering Cold
    HoW - Horn of Winter
    HS - Heart Strike
    IBF - Icebound Fortitude
    IIT - Improved Icy Talons
    IT - Icy Touch / Icy Talons (IT is usually icy touch when used in rotation layouts)
    LB - Lichborne
    MoB - Mark of Blood
    MoM - Might of Mograine
    OB - Obliterate
    PS - Plague Strike
    RoR - Rage of Rivendare
    RP - Runic Power
    RPM - Runic Power Mastery
    RS - Rune Strike
    RT - Rune Tap
    SS/ScS - Scourge Strike (not to be confused with Sinister Strike, or Steady Shot)
    U - Unholy rune (1U = one unholy rune, etc.)
    UA - Unbreakable Armor
    UB - Unholy Blight
    VB - Vampiric Blood

    *Credited to Ghoulgrim off of the DK Beta Forums

    Q: Haste, good, bad, undecided?

    A: General concessus is that it's not bad, but it's really not our best stat. None of our attacks really benefit form haste as it doesn't affect our global cooldown and most of our attacks are yellow based instants. In essence, the only thing that it really raises is our White DPS, which in itself is fine but really not the greatest of stats to follow. It's like any other tank really.

    Q: So why was Blizzard silly enough to not let you train at a trainer while doing your Dk quests to allow you to have a level 300 profession to catch up? (Slightly biased question on my part)

    A: Blizzard is silly. No, honestly, not any idea. At least you start off with first aid up there and a 100% mount at then end of the questlines. I guess that's our plus (Although I've been really irked about having to level bloody professions and mining stuff that's insanely needed aka thorium. Seriously Blizz, fix this. 800 Thorium for two professions is harsh.)

    Q: So I'm stuck on my mount after getting it. HALP!

    A: Uh...press 1. ;D

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